Monday, February 3, 2014

The use of Bitcoin within Sports Betting

Most betting pertaining to sports is done online these days, that means that everybody and anybody has the ability to do it. With online purchases, there's going to be some “baggage” in a sense. The internet is a very powerful tool, one that can only be explained by the phrase “connections by everybody, to everybody”. This means that some people don't exactly enjoy their personal information being up in the air like most of ours is these days, so some people take that extra step to make sure they're covered.

Sports betting isn't always something that is looked upon as “good”. Some countries may not even allow for sports betting at all. With all of the new “cryptocurrency” coming out in the modern times we live in, it's making it much easier for those couldn't bet on sports to do so now. The solution to all of these problems lies in bitcoin sports betting.

If you don't have the right type of money (or even the legal ability to bet) you could always use digital cash to pay for your transaction. It's a program that operated on it's own servers and systems, and is quite easy to use when you've got the hang of it. There are multiple ways of obtaining these coins, the most common being “mining”.

The process of mining is quite complicated, which means that it won't be explained thoroughly here. It would only make sense to someone who has advanced technical skills. You're still welcome to do your own research at the bitcoin wiki.

You may be able to send your deposits across borders without any fees from a payment provider. If you don't have access to prepaid vouchers, there is no problem at all. Bitcoin is mostly unregulated. That brings a sense of anonymity that you would not usually encounter. Technically, the system enables its users to circumvent any restrictions placed by the banking system. It's also a good idea to use the currency for making quick bets. The Super Bowl is only one instance where this may come in handy. It appears as though the currency is becoming increasingly useful. You can check out this list of bitcoin sportsbook review sites to find further information.

Also, you may not know that some sportsbooks offer no deposit bonuses. These are prizes that can be claimed whether or not you have made bets. The only requirement is usually signing up for an account. Bonuses can also take the form of suicide pools, where only the lone survivor receives the full prize. In each round, bettors will try to predict the outcome of the selected match.

There are also other ways to get free plays which are found below:
  1. Monthly raffles and sweepstakes
  2. Giveaways/contests to fan on social media
  3. Random bonuses in email newsletters
The betting jargon and football moneylines can sometimes be confusing and scary in a sense, which is why online betting is so big these days. If you're looking for another way to play your props (or even just your spreads!) without having to worry about personal information being transferred, bitcoin is the solution you're looking for!

Please pay attention to the fact that not all bitcoin sportsbooks are as reliable as they seem. In one case, the site BTC Sports Bet refused to pay out a player's winning of over $6,000. This was a very irresponsible action on the part of the owner. Another event that took place was the shutting down of the famous Bit365 (not to be confused with Bet365). A huge amount of funds were missing and players have tried to sue the company.

Everything is good only in moderation, and this also applies to betting. Whether you bet online, at a local bookmaker, or perhaps somewhere else, you still have to play by the same rules.


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